December 2010

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Finalized Fiscal Year: 2010-11
Developed Fiscal Year: 2009-10
By: National Plant Board, Board of Directors

The National Plant Board

The National Plant Board is an organization composed of state plant regulatory officials working to help protect agriculture, the environment, and the nation’s economic well being from the harm that serious plant pests could cause. Our work is accomplished in collaboration with our members: a regional plant board system composed of the Central, Eastern, Southern, and Western Plant Boards; federal and state agencies; industry organizations; and the public. The National Plant Board is an affiliate of, and works in concert with, the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture.

Mission/Vision Statement

Provide leadership in developing and implementing sciencebased regulatory policies and plant health programs, enable trade, and protect the agricultural and natural resources of the United States.


Achievement Accomplish and promote the identified goals and objectives of the National Plant Board. Communication Provide for an open and timely exchange of information and ideas among all interested and affected parties. Credibility Maintain the National Plant Board as an accountable and trustworthy organization. Equality and Fairness Ensure just and impartial decision making to provide equal opportunity and unbiased treatment of all National Plant Board members. Knowledge Develop, acquire, and effectively use sound science based information while employing innovative strategies and modern technologies. Leadership Provide clear direction, guidance, and support. Teamwork Accomplish tasks through member cooperation and effective partnerships.

NPB Strategic Plan Goal 1

Goal 1: Provide a national forum to identify plant pest regulatory issues, solicit input, share information, and provide solutions through policies, harmonization of state regulations and quarantines, position papers, and outreach activities.

Short term: To organize conference calls, conduct on-line polls, National Plant Board (NPB) website forum threads, or other means to collect input from NPB members regionally and nationally on what they see are the most pressing issues with regard to plant pests, regulations, imports/exports and quarantines.

Long term: To facilitate communication and collaboration among the NPB, National Association of State Departments of Agriculture (NASDA), United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services (APHIS) Plant Protection and Quarantine (PPQ) and other organizations concerning the issues/problems identified above, and to provide possible solutions and a feedback loop to forestall future issues, modeled after the NPB mediation system. As needed, ask regional officers to be more accountable for obtaining feedback from their members.

NPB Strategic Plan Goal 2

Goal 2: Build partnerships and promote effective communication and collaboration between the membership of the NPB and:

  • USDA Forest Service (USFS);
  • US Customs and Border Protection (CBP);
  • NASDA;
  • National Association of State Foresters (NASF);
  • North American Plant Protection Organization (NAPPO);
  • Other federal, state, and local governments and organizations and stakeholders;
  • Farm Bureau, American Farmers & Ranchers, The Nature Conservancy, Sierra Club;
  • Others as identified.

Short Term: Partnership building between the above organizations and the NPB and regional plant boards. Begin by inviting these organizations to our annual meetings and including them on the agendas, as appropriate. Following up after the meetings by providing these organizations feedback on action items, policies, or resolutions that were passed; responses received back from these organizations will further our partnerships and provide more effective communication.

Additionally, posting on the NPB website a list of the agencies and organizations on the NPB website that attended the NPB meeting and the regional meetings and listing who attended from each agency would give everyone a better picture of who is involved in plant protection issues.

Note: The NPB recognizes that communicating with NASDA is a critical goal and will keep NASDA appropriately apprised of plant health issues.

Long Term: Interested stakeholders need to be included in dialogues and kept apprised of the NPB’s position on issues, actions taken, and results. Posting the information on the NPB website and sending these organizations links to that information might make this task easier.

Regional boards may want to invite the NASDA liaison to their meetings to improve communication regionally.

NPB Strategic Plan Goal 3

Goal 3: Provide technical support to NPB members, the four regional plant boards (Central Plant Board (CPB), Eastern Plant Board (EPB), Southern Plant Board (SPB), Western Plant Board (WPB), APHIS PPQ, USFS, National Plant Diagnostic Network (NPDN), National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA), NASDA, other federal, state, and local governments, other organizations and stakeholders on plant pest regulatory programs.

Short-Term Goals: Annually solicit and identify training needs of members and their staff to keep current on regulatory plant pest issues and regulatory practices; work with APHIS PPQ, APHIS Biotechnology Regulatory Services, APHIS Investigative and Enforcement Services (IES), APHIS Smuggling Interdiction and Trade Compliance (SITC), PPQ Professional Development Center and other sources to meet these needs.

Continue to share information received on new or emerging plant pests, identification or diagnostic, and /or control strategies with regional plant boards and members in a timely manner.

Continue to share information and provide technical information on state plant regulatory issues and concerns with the NASDA, and serve as technical advisors to the Interstate Pest Control Compact (IPCC).

Long-Term Goals: Participate on various federally sponsored USDA (APHIS and NIFA), USFS, and/or US CBP formal steering committees, task forces and ad hoc workgroups at the national, regional and local level to provide technical information on states’ interests and policies.

Identify and strengthen strategic relationships with other federal agencies, associations and other partners to provide technical information on state plant regulatory issues and concerns.

Increase participation on NAPPO panels, and work with USDA APHIS PPQ to provide technical information on state plant regulatory issues and concerns at the North American level.

NPB Strategic Plan Goal 4

Goal 4: Support international, federal and state policies and programs that safeguard and protect U.S. agricultural and natural resources, while facilitating the interstate and international trade of plants and plant products.

Short-Term Goals: Continue working with state regulatory agencies on Authorized Certification Officials (ACOs) training and accreditation to help maintain our ability to export agricultural products.

Continue working with regional plant boards in order to foster strong relationships with individuals and states that have similar interests with regards to exports and the protection of american agriculture.

Long-Term Goals: Continue dialogue with NAPPO through panel participation and APHIS PPQ to facilitate international trade.

NPB Strategic Plan Goal 5

Goal 5: Disseminate timely and useful information on relevant state, regional and national plant pest regulatory activities.

Short Term: Maintain active communication with state and federal agencies, commodity groups, and all groups or entities that are involved with protecting agricultural, horticultural and forest resources from injurious pest threats.

Disseminate timely and accurate information to all NPB members and interested parties through the most efficient and effective means possible, including email, web site postings, letters and media contacts.

Long Term: Continue to develop relationships with individuals and entities that may be helpful in providing information and data that would be of value to NPB members in protecting plants.

Seek new technologies and methods to distribute accurate and timely information to NPB members and interested parties.

The NPB Strategic Plan December 2010 was prepared by:

The National Plant Board, Board of Directors of Fiscal Year 2009-10

NPB Officers

Carl P. Schulze NJ, President Michael E. Cooper ID, Vice President
Geir Friisoe, MN, Secretary-Treasurer
Walker (Gray) Haun TN, Past President

Eastern Plant Board Representatives

Victoria Smith CT
Gary Gibson WV

Southern Plant Board Representatives

Sancho Dickinson OK
Terry Walker AR

Central Plant Board Representatives

Robert Dahl WI
Philip Marshal IN

Western Plant Board Representatives

Donna Rise MT
Douglas R. Warner AK

Approved by the NPB Board of Directors on: December 9, 2010

Voted on and approved by the NPB Membership on: August 8, 2011

Last Modified: July 11, 2012