90th Annual Meeting, Portsmouth, New Hampshire


89th Annual Meeting, Princeton, New Jersey


88th Annual Meeting, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


87th Annual Meeting, Burlington, Vermont


86th Annual Meeting, Worcester, Massachusetts

  1. Appreciation to the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources
  2. P. ramorum Advance Notification and Trace Forwards
  3. Northeastern Area (NA) State And Private Forestry (S & Pf) Competitive Allocation Process
  4. Regulation Of Chrysanthemum White Rust (CWR) as a Regulated Nonquarantine Pest (RNQP)


84th Annual Meeting, Portland, Maine

  1. Appreciation to the Maine Department Of Agriculture
  2. Letter – Firewood
  3. Letter – Asian Longhorned Beetle in Massachusetts
  4. Letter – Chrysanthemum White Rust
  5. Letter – SPHD/SPRO Access to ePermits


83rd Annual Meeting, Charleston, West Virginia

  1. Appreciation to the West Virginia Department Of Agriculture
  2. Cooperative Federal –State Plant Pest Control Program Funding
  3. USDA ARS Research in Systematics and Taxonomy
  4. Letter in support of the New Jersey Department of Agriculture


82nd Annual Meeting, Jackson, New Hampshire

  1. Appreciation of the New Hampshire Department of Agriculture
  2. National Potato Cyst Nematode Technical Work Group
  3. Cost Sharing
  4. National Regulation for Movement of Solid Wood Packing Material
  5. National Strategy for Mitigation of Risks Associated with the Movement of Firewood


81st Annual Meeting, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

  1. Appreciation of the Delaware Department of Agriculture
  2. Gypsy Moth Suppression Funding and Gypsy Moth Slow the Spread (STS) Foundation
  3. USDA-ARS Capacity to Diagnose Honeybees as Africanized Honeybees in a Timely Manner
  4. Operational Review of the European Pre-clearance Program
  5. Addressing Diagnostic and Taxonomic Support for CAPS
  6. BLITZ Training and Coordination
  7. Laboratory Accreditation/Authorization
  8. Export Certification and Inspection


80th Annual Meeting, Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey

  1. Pine Shoot Beetle Program Review
  2. Emerging Plant Pests and Pest Detection
  3. Wood Boring Pests
  4. Expression of Appreciation to the New Jersey Department of Agriculture, Division of Plant Industry
  5. Letter, Funding Decisions for Biological Control Programs