Awards and Recognition

Nominees for Award Policy

Each year each regional plant board may nominate a National Plant Board (NPB) member for the awards listed below. An information package in support of each regional board’s nominee is reviewed by the NPB Awards and Service Recognition Committee, which forwards its selections to the NPB BOD for final approval. The following guidelines shall be followed regarding this process:

  1. The NPB President shall provide guidelines for each award to each regional plant board president approximately 30 days prior to the regional plant board’s annual meeting. The guidelines also may be accessed from the NPB website.
  2. Each regional plant board may nominate a NPB member for each award.
  3. The regional plant board president or his designee(s) shall be responsible for providing personal data packages in support of the regional board’s nominee to the NPB President on or before June 1.
  4. The NPB President shall duplicate the data packages and submit them to the NPB BOD by June 7.
  5. Each NPB BOD member shall review the data packages and submit a recommendation to the NPB President by June 21.
  6. In the event that the NPB President is a regional plant board nominee paragraphs IV. and V. shall be handled by the NPB Vice President.
  7. The NPB’s nominees shall be announced during the NPB annual meeting.


NPB Retiree Recognition

Last Modified: April 2018