Awards and Recognition

Nominees for Award Policy

Each year each regional plant board may nominate a National Plant Board (NPB) member or representative for the awards listed below.  The following process shall be followed for submitting award nominations and identifying the award winners:

  1. The Awards Committee Chair shall provide guidelines for each award to each regional plant board president approximately 30 days prior to the regional plant board’s annual meeting. The guidelines are also available on the NPB web site.
  2. Each regional plant board may nominate a NPB member or representative for each award.
  3. The regional plant board president or his/her designee(s) shall be responsible for submitting completed nominations for awards to the Awards Committee Chair no later than June 1.
  4. The Awards Committee Chair shall submit the nominations to the NPB Board of Directors (BOD) by June 7.
  5. Each NPB BOD member shall review the nominations and submit their vote for the award winner to the Awards Committee Chair by June 21.
  6. The Awards Committee Chair will tally the votes and report the results to the NPB President, who will then report them to the BOD.
  7. In the event that the Awards Committee Chair is a regional plant board award nominee, steps 5 and 6 will be handled by another member of the Awards Committee.
  8. The nomination packet for the APHIS Administrator Award will be submitted by the Awards Committee Chair to the USDA APHIS PPQ Assistant Deputy Administrator for Intergovernmental Relations by July 1.
  9. A nomination packet for the selected NASDA nominee will be prepared by the Awards Committee Chair, and submitted according to the NASDA Award guidelines.
  10. The NPB award winners and nominees will be announced at the NPB Annual Meeting.


NPB Retiree Recognition & Notice of Passing

The Awards Committee Chair will request information on the retirements or deaths that have occurred since the previous NPB Annual Meeting, from NPB members.

The NPB will recognize retirees and those that have passed at the NPB Annual Meeting each year.  This shall include:

  • Past National Plant Board Members
  • USDA State Plant Health Directors
  • Other State and Federal employees and cooperators

April 2018

Amended April 9, 2020