Membership Manual

National Plant Board Membership Manual Download the Membership Manual in PDFDownload the Membership Manual in Microsoft Word format Revised September 2003 […]

Systems Approach

National Plant Board
Systems Approach
Systems Approach Study and ReportPurposeScopeSteering CommitteeStudy TeamSymposiumFinal Report (PDF)
(8.8 M)
The purpose of this study was to satisfy, in part, the requirements of s412(e) of the Plant Protection Act (7 USC 7712(e)).  The Act required the conduct of a study and submission of a report, not later than two years after its enactment, […]

Central Plant Board Constitutions and By-laws

National Plant Board
Central Plant Board Constitutions and By-laws
Central Plant Board Constitution
ARTICLE I. The name of this organization shall be “Central Plant Board”.

ARTICLE II. The purpose of this organization shall be to promote better understanding, uniformity and efficiency in the enactment and administration of laws and other instruments of regulatory authority, designed to advance and protect […]

Eastern Plant Board Constitutions and By-laws

National Plant Board Eastern Plant Board Constitutions and By-laws Eastern Plant Board Constitution (Approved March 27, 2003 Harrisburg, PA Last Amended: […]

Farm Bill

Farm Bill Section 10201: Plant Pest and Disease Management and Disaster Prevention Planning for Fiscal Year 2010 Guidelines for submission of suggestions […]

Farm Bill Survey

Farm Bill Survey The survey is now closed. Thank you for your interest. Survey results, the 10201 Implementation Plan, the link to the APHIS Stakeholder Registry, and an email address to provide comments […]

EAB Tri-state Command Center

Tri-State Emerald Ash Borer Information Placeholder Post stuff here.

Financial Page


Plant Pest Issues

National Plant Board Plant Pest Issues You are encouraged to review the issues posted on this page and to make comment to the responsible parties listed on the specific issue page. […]

New Pest Response Guidelines

DRAFT Sirex noctilio New Pest Response Guidelines
(all files pdf format – images at low resolution to reduce file size)

1. Introduction
2. Pest Information
3. Identification
4. Survey Procedures
5. Regulatory Procedures
6. Control Procedures
7. Environmental Concerns
8. Pathways
9. Definitions
10. Contacts
11. Resources
Annex 1. Hosts, Host Ranges, Commercial and Other Values
Annex 2. Commercial Suppliers of Beneficial Insects
12. References

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Lynn Evans-Goldner,
Sirex noctilio National […]

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