Selling and buying plants, nursery stock and similar commodities are generally regulated at the state level to protect the economy and environment of the state receiving the products.

These regulations vary significantly between the states due to the diversity of growing conditions, agricultural enterprises and other factors. To insure that your commerce complies with the appropriate regulations, the National Plant Board website provides you with some useful tools. We cannot provide you with specific answers, but the information available on these pages can help you find the people and agencies that can assist you with plant certification and regulatory compliance issues.

Before selling or sending plants, nursery stock or similar commodities visit and review the State Summary of Plant Protection Regulations for the state to which you are considering shipping material. In many cases a restricted or quarantined commodity can be shipped if certain criteria are met; for instance, an inspection by your local department of agriculture may permit you to ship a quarantined product under certification.

If the receiving state has placed restrictions on the commodity you wish to ship, you need to contact your state department of agriculture (or responsible agency) to determine how they can work with you to ship to the state in question. The contact information you need to start working with your local department of agriculture can be found on the State Summary of Plant Protection Regulations for your state.

Last Modified: February 16, 2009