Asian Longhorn Beetle training and Multi-State Inspection was hosted in Mason, OH August 7 - 9, 2017

The 2017 Annual Horticultural Inspection Society (H.I.S.) Central Chapter Multi-State Inspection took place in Mason, Ohio August 7-9. Our primary focus on day one was the Ohio ALB Program, which is headquartered in Bethel, Ohio. On day 2 our focus was on Natorp’s Nursery in Mason, Ohio.

Tuesday, we spent the day with the Ohio ALB staff (Ohio Department of Agriculture and USDA ALB staff) for classroom training, a lab visit and an infested site visit. We learned about ALB and how Ohio has dealt with this exotic pest.

Wednesday, we spent our time at Natorp’s Nursery, a grower of container and field stock sold primarily in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area. We had a presentation and discussion regarding SANC led by Susan Ehlenbeck of Missouri, learned about the firm’s operation, and conducted a group inspection of part of the nursery.

Thank you to Ohio Department of Agriculture, the ALB office, Natorp’s Nursery, and also the Indiana DNR for getting the word out for making this event a success !