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NPB Resolutions

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2017 Annual Meeting, Savannah, Georgia


  1. Funding to Support Training for State Departments of Agriculture
    1. (USDA Response)
  2. Appreciation to the Georgia Department of Agriculture
  3. NPB PPQ Communications
  4. Raw Wood Pests
  5. ALB Eradication and Program Support 
    1.   (USDA Response)
  6. US Forest Service Forest Health Protection


2016 Annual Meeting, Wilmington, Delaware


  1. Support for Gypsy Moth STS
  2. Imported Raw Wood Products
  3. Pest Survey Supply Concerns
  4. Support for a National CAPS Meeting
  5. Prioritization of Cooperative Agreement Funding Timing
  6. NPB PPQ Communications
  7. Appreciation to the Delaware Department of Agriculture


2015 Annual Meeting, Sedona, Arizona


  1. Communication Concerns
  2. Plum Pox Virus and Potato Cyst Nematode Concerns
  3. SPHD Key Partners
  4. Support for Honey Bee Survey
  5. Support of the Strategic Alliance
  6. Appreciation to the Arizona Department of Agriculture
  7. Streamlining Cooperative Agreements


2014 Annual Meeting, St. Louis, Missouri


  1. Appreciation to the Missouri Department of Agriculture and the USDA, APHIS, PPQ, Missouri State Plant Health Director’s Office
  2. Support for a National Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey Meeting


2013 Annual Meeting, Louisville, Kentucky


  1. Appreciation to the University of Kentucky
  2. Appreciation to Meeting Facilitators
  3. USDA APHIS PPQ Fulfillment of Plant Protection Act of 2000
  4. Biological Control as a Component of Integrated Weed Control
  5. Continued Support for Laboratory Testing of Regulatory Samples



2012 Annual Meeting, Mystic, Connecticut

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